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    What is

    An Open Letter To:

    Consumers and Businesses and Governmental Agencies of the United States of America.

    Thank you for visiting our website,

    A little history:

    Even before the founding of  Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG)  I was a consumer advocate. Working to get companies and government organizations to change policies and or procedures that hurt the citizens and consumers of this great nation.

    Throughout our history we have written open letters to government agencies and vendors we have had issues with. And we have worked to get resolutions that were not just for us but for all their users. Please look at the left sidebar for links to those letters.

    In October 2007, we came to the conclusion that we needed to do more for consumers who do business with American companies and governmental agencies. We must broaden the Mission Statement of   Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG)  to include activity we were already doing on behalf of the Consumers and the Taxpayers of the United States of America.  Then in January of 2009 we launched this website to centralize what we were already doing to fight for the Citizens and Consumers of America.

    Why it is needed?

    The overwhelming majority of Americans are generous, good hearted people who expect the same from the vendors and governmental agencies that they deal with. But, sadly too often this is not what they get.

    Instead the same businesses that proudly say things like: "We believe in customer service" leave you on hold for excessive amounts of time or keep transferring your call all over the world, only to leave you frustrated and often with your original problem or issue still unresolved. The standard as to what is good customer service seems to have been redefined. 

    Companies provide you products that are not acceptable, defective, or manufactured with poor quality standards, As an example toy manufacturers make toys with lead that can damage the health of children of these United States of America. Just look at the recalls of all the products made in Communist China in the year 2007 to see such an example.

    While the Federal government is responsible for our safety ultimately it is really the responsibility of the American companies which import products from Communist China, and other nations around the world, to make sure that those products are safe and that they are not defective. This is what the American people expect. 

    I strongly believe that if in essence, enough of the individuals and companies of the USA believe they can get away with providing lousy service, make commitments that they do not keep, or rip people off, then America will become less and less of a great country. I believe that is taking place in America right now.

    What are our goals:

    Part of this website's job is to encourage businesses to shape up and provide better service and or products. Another part is to continue to encourage your government to watch out for you. One of the reasons we opposed MFN (Most Favored nation) status for China was that it reduced the wall of protection that existed previous to its enactment. Now the term "Made in China" has become equivalent to every rotten, awful, destructive product imported into America. 

    Another goal of this website is to let you know which organizations, business and governmental agencies we ourselves have either had issues with or have on rare occasions been proud of. Sometimes the same letter can end up in doing both. One example of this happening is when I am writing a letter to a company complimenting the actions of one employee but being critical of the actions of the company overall. 

    What will I find here:

    Our newest website will be a central location where you can find both the "Good" and the "Bad" Open Letters that primarily, I, Robert Colaco, the Volunteer National Chairman and Founder of   Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG)  have written. I would like there to be absolutely no misunderstanding on this point that while I, Robert Colaco, am the one writing these Open Letters, they are not exclusively as my role of the Volunteer National Chairman and Founder of   Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG)  .

    They are sometimes written as my role of businessman and President of Data Cents (TM), or as President of Integrity Website Solutions (TM) and Integrity Email Solutions (TM).

    Which role they are written under can be found by how I signed the letter. If the letter was written on behalf of my role of businessman then it should have the name of the company and a carbon copy or CC to   Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG) project.

    You may see the occasional letter written by someone other than myself but only with their complete approval and cooperation and only when I can confirm all the facts involved.

    In the case of Negative or Bad Open Letters, or letters to hold accountable companies or individuals I take those actions with great seriousness. I take it so seriously because I recognize the potential damage that it can do to their reputation(s). That is why I limit this website to only issues I have first hand knowledge of or experience with.  I want you to know that I do not take the action of writing An Open Letter with anything but the most solemn deliberation.

    You may also find recordings of conversations to be able to prove certain points. These are always done in a lawful manner.I would like there to be absolutely no misunderstanding on this point. I find great comfort in recording many types of conversations. Some of those types of conversations are:

    01. If I call a company and I am informed in their outgoing message that I am going to be recorded or potentially going to the recorded then I will turn on my digital voice recorder and inform whoever is answering the phone on behalf of the Company that it is my policy to record conversations whenever I am being recorded or potentially being recorded.

    02. If I have had a challenge or a problem in some business or financial relationship with someone where that individual has either had a problem understanding or misunderstood some aspect of my communication with them, then I will resort to recording any and all conversations with that individual.

    While the above two examples are not a complete list of when I record conversations, I believe they give a sampling.

    You may ask, "Are we just out for Revenge?"

    Some may try and say that we are just out to smear some company or to take some form of revenge. The opposite is true. What we want is for the company to improve itself so that it will grow and be more profitable and employ even more of the American workforce. In the case of governmental agency we want to see it do the job it was autorized or created to do and to do it so that good folk who work there can be proud of the job they do and the agency they serve.

    Sometimes that can not be accomplished internally and without showing others outside the organization what is really going on inside. But sometimes it takes more.

    It is usually only after all other efforts have failed that we must resort to writing an OPEN LETTER and once we have done that we feel it is our duty to publish that letter for our member and visitors to see.

    I can not overemphasize this point adequately. I do not get any amusement, pleasure, or thrill, out of writing complaint letters.

    I would rather handle whatever difficulty or conflict that I have with an agency, company or individual either by face to face discussions or meetings or by conversation over the phone. I see letter writing as among the last and least preferred choices of the way for me to communicate about an issue.

    I strongly believe that if I have been put in the uncomfortable position of having to write about an issue in a last attempt to get it resolved, then I am going to write that letter as "An Open Letter" and make it available for anyone who is interested.

    I am launching our website in an effort to move Americas to tell companies and individuals that acts of greed and irresponsibility need to stop. We all need to put pressure on companies and agencies that continue in patterns of bad behavior.

    I welcome your input, good or bad, positive or negative.

    Please feel free to contact me using our "Contact Us" page.

      Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG)  primary mission is to elect Morality and Values Based Candidates to public office from the very lowest to the very highest political positions all over the United States of America. If you would like to find out more about   Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG)  please click on the following webpage:

    With All Sincerity, 
    Robert Colaco 
    Founder and Volunteer National Chairman 
    Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG)