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    Open Letters to LACO DPSS and/or CA DSS

    What's Happening Currently!

    Currently we have filed two (2) separate appeals to decisions made against us by LACO DPSS. They are being heard concurrently. These are active cases so more is being added as we go along, so keep checking back.

    Above you can find a link to the Open Letters/Emails we have written to Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (LACO DPSS) and/or California Department of Social Services (CA DSS) these have links as well to additional supporting materials such as documents and/or audio recordings.


    Why go public? Why them? Why does it matter?

    When our founder was a candidate for Congress in 1992 he came to the decision that he would always seek to be transparent even if it hurt. Many candidates say they will be transparent but Robert really meant it. This was shown when he called contacts he had at the two major local papers in his district to inform them that his business office had been seized by the IRS in a move he believed was completely politically motivated. By the way these were not small local papers, one was the Los Angeles Times the other was The Los Angeles Daily News, both published stories about the seizure.

    Being transparent is not always easy but it is often necessary. It is sad that we feel that it has become necessary to become even more transparent and post these Open Letter(s) and documents. You will notice that some to the information like medical record numbers and signatures have been redacted. Some of these were redacted when originally sent and some needed further redacting before posting here.

    On June 11, 2011 Robert was diagnosed with diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. As a man who had been self-employed most of his life this was a severe blow. And, unlike in most cases of diabetes, his nerve damage was sudden and severe.

    He was a runner and distance walker and shortly before this diagnoses he was forced to start using a wheel chair or crutches to get around because of pain in his feet and balance issue caused by nerve damage. When the neuropathy damage did not match the length of time and severity of his diabetes, there was more testing. It was discovered that the neuropathy damage was to the trunk nerves in his arms and calves rather than the finger tips which is traditional in diabetes when sugar damages the small nerves. This also explained the severe pain he was always in and why it felt like his feet were broken.

    Not only did Robert lose his mobility but he lost his 150 word a minute typing ability as well. His fingers just did not work the same anymore and the pain in them and his legs was a constant 8. For those who do not know the pain scale used in the medical world that is high.

    While he was always a fan of voice recording now it was a necessity for note taking and such. He also became skilled in the use of voice recognition software and its limitations, slowness and frustrating inaccuracies.

    Now everything takes impossibly longer to do if he can do it and if not he needs to get assistance or do some work around. At the same time, the pain keeps his sleep irregular and he struggles with fatigue which also eats away at the time he has for getting stuff done.

    Through this all Robert maintained his strong Christian faith as God continued to guide and direct him. His sleeplessness would lead him to start a prayer ministry. Nights he couldn't sleep he would spend in prayer, much better than counting sheep.

    By God's providence he and his wife Gail had moved in with her mother to care for her in 2003. So this diagnosis happened while living there. Gail's mom later developed Alzheimer's disease which would result in their first real exposure to the court and legal system and how broken it is. For more on that vist OurLegalSystemIsBroken.com.

    We are sharing all this personal information and being very transparent because after losing battles to protect Gail's mom our finances were depleted and after much counseling, thank you Dream Center in downtown Los Angeles and others, we made the gut wrenching decision that out of necessity we must go on General Relief (GR or Welfare) and Food Stamps (EBT or SNAP) for the first time in our lives. To qualify for GR you have to have less than $100.00 in total cash, counting all your banks accounts and the change in your pocket. That was our new reality and we walked into the Lancaster DPSS office and applied for GR and EBT on August 17, 2012.

    Robert never stopped being Robert he remained the guy who was always a consumer advocate and the guy who ran for congress and founded Citizens For A Better America (R) because he did not want to see America become like the country he left, Iraq. This meant when he ran into issues he made waves. He fought for not just himself and his wife but for all the other "customers" they served, and for all those who could not fight.

    That is what has brought us to the need to expose what is really going on in the Social Service programs. Programs that most Americans do not think about until they need them.

    Through the years spent needing to use these various programs we have seen there are some really noble public servants working to see that those in need are served with dignity and competence, but they are sadly the exception not the rule. And when the system works against honest "customers" and makes it almost impossible to stay the honest folks they were when they started, then something is very very wrong.

    While it is true there are some who defraud the system most just desperately need the services these agencies provide.

    Most Americans have no idea that it is the programs themselves and the agencies that run the programs that make it hard for those who are in the programs to stay honest. The agencies in their attempt to prevent fraud end up hurting the honest folk who can not get the information they need so they can stay qualified or so they can get assistance.

    Within a few months of quote "getting on GR", Gail got very sick with a severe case of vertigo, she had never had it before but her mother had. Robert already had medical coverage because of his diabetes but no one informed us that Gail now had medical coverage, or that anyone who is put on GR is automatically qualified for Medi-cal and has healthcare. She suffered through that vertigo episode and it would not be until months later that we would find out she was covered all that time.

    That is just one example of how information is kept like it is a top grade military secret. It is as if those that provide these services think you are a criminal and know all the tricks so they don't want to give you more to work with. Instead of treating you like an honest person who needs to know the services you already have been given.

    That is just a taste of why we are going public with all that we have experienced.

    For the sake of all of America, those who need these programs, those who work for these programs, and for those who fund these programs.


    It is time to shine some light in the darkness!

    October 5, 2019 CFABA.ORG Starts sending.

    To: Lawyers and Law Firms

    October 5, 2019 Open Letter/News Release

    Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG) looking for Lawyers and Law Firms across America.

    "I, Robert Colaco, Founder of Citizens For A Better America(R) (CFABA.ORG), am looking for lawyers and law firms that can bring minimum of 1 (One) Billion Dollar Class Action Lawsuits(TM) against several government entities and large private enterprise companies" ...


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